The VMP TVS 2.3L Supercharger and VMP GEN II TVS Story.  When Justin Starkey bought his first GT500 in 2006, he immediately looked for ways to turn up the wick on that new musclecar.  He began to work his magic on the calibration but a great tune was only going to go so far.  He turned his attention to that Eaton supercharger perched atop the 5.4L powerplant, knowing there was lots of room for improvement.  Porting to increase airflow and boost wasn't quenching his thirst for power either, so he looked at available upgrades.  The Eaton TVS caught his eye and the journey began.  Soon, the Eaton TVS that was commercially available became the test mule for ways to even further increase airflow, efficiency and power.  The VMP TVS was born.  Already "ported", a snout that would accept a variety of pulley sizes and a footprint that was an exact replacement for the GT500's stock blower was ready to roll!  The VMP TVS was an immediate success.  The average owner could upgrade it at home and bolt on up to 200 rear wheel horsepower on a Saturday morning!  

Fast forward to 2014.  Today, the VMP GEN II 2.3L TVS has turned the supercharger world on it's ear!  Over the past couple of years VMP has found new ways to increase airflow through our high flow elbows and more efficient inlet shaping.  GEN II has taken everything we know and integrated every possible improvement for volume and flow.  The elbow (spacer, plenum) is part of a new 1-piece shell design.  GEN II flow testing showed an 18 percent improvement over our own first generation VMP TVS.  Dyno testing on GT500s ranging from 2007 to 2014 have shown as much as a 51 rwhp increase over our powerful first gen TVS with nothing more than the blower swap alone!  And there's'd expect more horsepower with more boost, but GEN II also delivers massive amounts of torque across the rev range as well.  

The VMP TVS for 2011+ 5.0 and Boss 302 is making its mark with cars posting as much as 830 rwhp.  The 9 second quarter mile in a street car isn't just possible, it's an everyday occurence.  Our VMP TVS for the '03-'04 Terminator has powered Jake Conant's wheelstanding beast into the 8's!!  The VMP TVS family has recently expanded again with blowers for Raptor, Ford F-150 and a direct, bolt on replacement for the Roushcharged M90 supercharger. 

The VMP TVS and VMP GEN II TVS 2.3L Superchargers.  Now even more power to the people!  

New VMP TVS GEN II 2.3L TVS For 07-14 GT500.
Product ID : GEN2
Gates Racing 10 rib 85.3 Blue Belt
Product ID : K100853RB
VMP 07-14 Shelby GT500 GEN II 2.3L TVS SC 800HP Kit w/VMP Tunes
Product ID : VMPGT500TVSX390
VMP 2.3L TVS & GT500 Throttle Body Package for 2003-2004 Cobra
VMP 07-14 Shelby GT500 2.3L TVS Supercharger - 700+ HP Kit
Product ID : VMPGT500TVSIC
Aeroforce 3.5bar 50 psi boost pressure kit
Product ID : sens022
Aeroforce wideband air fuel sensor
Product ID : sens020
ROUSH 2.3L TVS Supercharger kit for 05-10 Mustang GT (6-rib)
Product ID : RSCTVSSBPH1-2
VMP TVS Supercharger kit for 5.0L F150 Stage 3 600HP
Product ID : VMPTVSF1505.0L
VMP TVS for 5.0L F150
VMP TVS Supercharger kit for 6.2L Raptor & F150 Stage 3 600-625HP
Product ID : VMPTVS6.2L-421820
VMP TVS for 6.2L Raptor and F150